Be the star of the picnic in this 1940s playsuit.

DuBarry-2179B The family reunion picnic is a mere two weeks away. Sigh. She?s not exactly the picnic type. All those ants and flies. The heat. The humidity. However, Grampie is getting older, and he?s not in the best of health. His badminton days are long past, so she really doesn?t want to miss this one. What to wear? How about whipping up that sassy Du Barry romper she saw at The Blue Gardenia? It?s so fetching, and her legs could use some sun. Perhaps she?ll use that lovely cotton sateen she bought at Gorgeous Fabrics a few weeks ago. It will be so cool. cotton_sateenOf course, you can buy this cute pattern at The Blue Gardenia. And, yes, we happily ship abroad.