Ever get tired of Ms. Obama's fashion? I don't. As you know.

Michelle_Obama_fashion_VPO Vogue Paris Original 1088,

Designed by Guy Laroche

Would I beat a dead horse? Of course not. Never! But I must share this: If you were a fan of Michelle Obama's inaugural ensemble, the fabric is available at Michael's Fabrics.

I warn you, though. It is pricey. I have purchased far cheaper fabrics at Michael's, and I can vouch for their merchandise (true quality) and service. So there. Oh, ask for Sherri.

If you decide to buy the fabric, may I suggest Vogue Paris Original 1088? It's a bargain. Really. And it's a fabulous coat. Don't you agree?
I think I'd make the pockets and the dress in a plain wool crepe. Easier on the budget. Indeedy.