Time is running out. Really. Don't miss our end-of-year sale!

Time's a wasting, girls and boys. The Blue Gardenia's annual end-of-year sale ends in just over 24 hours. Don't miss it. OK?

So. Here's the fine print: Buy three items, get 33% off. Yes, ma'am. Yes, sir. Any three items. Any at all. Mix and match jewelry and patterns to your heart's desire. And there is no limit. Buy 10 items. Buy 100. Buy more. That, my pals, would make me really happy. Ecstatic, in fact. Really. For this fantabulous sale, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa or Paypal sales only.

And now, I am off to bed. I am. But y'all stay up and shop. That's an order. (Albeit a gentle one.)