Pass the Puffs, please: An unexpected benefit of friendship

Yippee. Skippee. Let me repeat that: Yippee. Skippee. The muslin is complete except for the facings. (Yes, I know they will probably be pesky. But. No unpleasant thoughts now. Nope. Not now.) This, thanks to a gal pal?s help. Marti, a glamorous, exceptional dancer who also just happens to whip up most of her clothes, generously offered to help me with my muslin today.
So. I went to her home, and we sipped acai berry juice and sewed. And ironed. And chalked. And trimmed (correcting my jagged edges ? you remember those, don?t you?). And we did this all under the masterful eyes of her alpha kitty, Sulis.
You dressmaking goddesses may not be impressed with my afternoon?s work, but I am pleased as punch. Yes, I am. I am darn near impressed with myself. I could look ahead to the facings and get nervous. Scared. Terrified, in fact. I could. But ya know what? I am staying in the moment. This moment. I am. I am going to enjoy my accomplishment today. Here. Now. Taking my cue from Ms. O?Hara. I?ll worry about attaching the facings tomorrow. Or Monday.
This dress is going to be fab. I know it. I know it. I do. Rhett Butler would approve. Thank you, Marti. I am misty-eyed with gratitude. Pass the Puffs now. Please.