A 1951 style that packs attitude aplenty. Indeed.

Simplicity_8424D Ugh. You're meeting Alisea for lunch tomorrow. A frenemy for sure. Absolutely. She will be wearing the latest from Thakoon, Prabal Gurung, Herve Leger. She will name drop. She will sneer. You will wonder why you're doing this, as you sip your ginger ale and nibble on salmon salad. Oh, yes. She's the wife of your best friend from college. And she can be clever. She can be caring. Of course, she can also be unbearable. Quite. Which, alas, she is most of the time.

You're so glad you made Simplicity 8424, copyright 1951, over the weekend. The perfect occasion to debut this fabulous style. You made it out of chestnut wool crepe. Bound buttonholes. Handpicked zipper. So. While you're listening to the traumas she faced this week — a broken fingernail, a ladder in her stockings — you'll know you look your best. And you'll feel proud of the care you took in making your dress. You will.

And, of course, you know you can find this stunning and unusual pattern at The Blue Gardenia. It has a detachable collar. It has detachable cuffs. It has a cape. And those pockets on View A are so very, very haute. They are. Can you live another day without this pattern? Well. You could, of course. But why?