Meet me again. And let me introduce Jamboree. Jamboree Jones, that is. April 10, 2024 10:30 4 Comments

Jamboree and Family

A change, an exciting and energetic addition to our family: Meet Jamboree Jones the Aussie

Hello. Here I am. Again. At last. So many ways to start this post. Mmmm. I could choose the dramatic celebration announcement. You know: Drums drum. Trumpets trumpet. Cymbals cymbal. And so on. So on. Etc.

Or I could return slowly, quiet as a bobcat. Creeping in like a mouse. I could pretend I’d never left. No explanation for my absence. Just another day in the life of. Take up where my last post left off on . . . . Wow. Could it be? February 21, 2019. It has been awhile. Years. 

But I’m doing it this way. No rolling of drums. No trumpeting of trumpets. Simply hello. I am back. A lot of water has drifted under the bridge. Flooded? Perhaps. So much has changed. So much. And yet. So much is the same.  

One thing that hasn’t changed: My love of patterns. Especially patterns vintage. And my love of The Blue Gardenia. I have, alas, neglected my beloved website. Updated little. Shipped slowly. So slowly. And if you are one of my clients who felt unloved, ignored, I apologize. Forgive me. It wasn’t about you. At all. It wasn’t a lack of appreciation for you. It was about me. Where I was. Where I have been. And one day, I will share some of my journey. Perhaps. No, most surely. You might be bored. You might not. You might have been there, too. And if you have been there, I hope you have learned as much as I have. And I hope you are grateful for the experience. I am.

It’s good to be here. Back. At the keyboard. Communicating. Sitting at my desk. Among the patterns. The stationary. The pins. The piles of paper. And excuse me for being mushy. Allow me to be totally uncool. But I am grateful to be here. Truly. And grateful for the journey as well.