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Ms. R. V. Hayes' sewing book: I want to take this course. Now. January 31, 2012 12:07 6 Comments

While unpacking, I found this treasure, picked up at antique store years ago. It's a student's book from a Singer sewing course taught in Ada, OK. Not only did the student learn what would be considered advanced techniques today (at least by this fledgling), the course was a bargain. All 16 subjects for a whopping $10.
What I personally love about this leather 3-ring-binder book, is that the student's work samples are included. I enjoy imagining Ms. Hayes mastering all these skills.

Today, I'll share four samples with you, dear readers.

First, binder samples:

An inner curve with square corners and a bound placket and buttonhole loops.

Next, narrow French seams and flat-felled seams and wider French seams and flat-felled seams.

Wouldn't you love a class that taught so many techniques and forced you to learn them well enough to put in a book? A class taught by someone who not only knew her craft but was passionate about it? Oh, how I would. Absolutely!

This is a thick book, and not to worry, I'll share all the examples with y'all. You wait with breathless anticipation, right? You do. I know it.

(Oh. You may click these images to enjoy the details in a bigger size.)