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Too late for spring cleaning? No way. And this is what to wear. July 16, 2012 09:44 2 Comments

Simplicity_apron_1950sYou're a little late for spring cleaning. You are. Is that a big deal? To your momma, maybe. To Mrs. Kravitz? Certainly. To you? No. You've been busy. Sewing. Working. Having fun. Twiddling your thumbs. But, now, you cannot put it off any longer.

However, you need an apron. Something to protect you from the scum and dust build-up. You'll make an apron. Something pretty. Something protective. Something practical. How about Simplicity 3383? It's cute. Adorable in fact. And. It has a tulip. Your favorite flower. Then, you'll be armed and ready. To clean. And you'll feel fresh and pretty doing it. You will.

The details: Simplicity 3383 Aprons Bust 42 Complete w/transfer Copyright 1950 $33

And, yep, this oh-so-feminine vintage pattern can be yours. Yes indeedy. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we ship abroad with pleasure for a shipping fee — less than what the post office charges us, in fact.) So drop by. Do. You'll be delighted you did. I know it.

Lantana + roses + blue grama grass seed + toil = beauty. September 12, 2009 17:22

I can hear the sound of violins . . . Oh. Enough.  I won't bore you with Sway lyrics, dear readers. I've done that before, I'm sure. But. You know I love that song. I do. So much.

Today, let me share with you pictures of our new yard. This is not the reveal, as they say on the home decor shows. Not yet. There is still work to be done. Planting. Edging. Weeding. But there has been progress. Much.


First, tilling.


Then planting.


Then deep Bertness thoughts. I'm sure. Thoughts that have nothing to do with exhaustion or sweat or desire for ice cold tea.

And since I know you really want to know: Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado do one sizzling version of Sway. Absolutely.

The march of the dust bunnies: The adventure begins. Earnestly. July 3, 2009 02:28 2 Comments

So. I admit it: I'd rather be sleeping. I prefer to leave it for others to enjoy the dawn. I do. The sunrise may be exquisite. It may be. But. Frankly, I find sleep more so. Sunsets are gorgeous and at a more attractive time. In my humble opinion.

But. Here I am. Awake. At the keyboard. So I will share this with you, my lovelies — because you want to know, don't you? You simply cannot get through the day without this pertinent and endlessly fascinating knowledge, can you? — what I have been doing. I have been decluttering. Yes. I have.  Not because of Oprah. Not because of Peter Walsh. No.

But because of this: If His Bertness gets a job in a place far, far, far away from sunny AZ, then I want the house to be looking its Sunday Best. Absolutely. It needs its blush, its lipstick, its pretty dotted swiss frock and straw hat if we put it on the market. I want it to have lots of suitors, beaucoup beaus and/or beausettes who will offer lots of money, lots, for our lovely abode. Because it is lovely. And it has breathtaking views.

So. I have been sorting through books. Can this one go to the Friends of the Library book sale? Or must I keep it? Will His Bertness part with it as well? If I pry it out of his hands, will he pry it out of mine. We will be strong. Together. 

Alas, all dust bunnies must go. They are now foes. Absolutely. And we have so many. They are so loyal. They cling to our books. They are very literate, these crazy rabbits. But out they must go. Out, out, out, like Lady Macbeth's spot. Be strong, Denise.  Be strong. Show those fuzzy rascals the Swiffer, the dustpan, the door!