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#Makenine2019: Anna Allen's Persephone Pants January 1, 2019 20:51

New year. New day. New resolution to blog again? Scratch that. Just scratch it. I detest New Year's resolutions. I do. 

So with that admission, I am joining #makenine2019. (Which, for some reason, I think of as #makeminenine2019. Go figure.)


I shall call my #makenine2019 a plan. And we all know what happens with even the best laid plans. We do. Don't we? Indeed.

So, without further ado. Without further word diarrhea, here goes. Each day, I will list one pattern on my list. One. The order: alphanumeric. This is not necessarily the order I plan to make the garments.



Ahhh. You thought I only sew vintage. No. Most of the patterns on my list are indeed vintage. I love vintage. I adore vintage. I do. But I also love contemporary patterns. I don't want to be too predictable. In fact, I don't want to be predictable at all.

So. Today's pattern is the Persephone Pants pattern, design courtesy of Anna Allen. And I understand from Instagram she is brilliant. I can't wait to join the excited chorus singing her praises on IG.

There ya go. Today's blog post, the first — in, well, let's not go there, just no — done. I am back in the game. Tomorrow, a vintage pattern, a blouse designed by Daniel Hechter. An absolute favorite. Absolutely. Are you panting in anticipation to see it? I hope so. Check back. Tomorrow.

And leave a comment. Do. I beseech you. About the Persephone Pant. About #makenine2019. About your sewing plans. About how happy you are that I am blogging. Especially about that.