The Blue Gardenia

Learning to sew: The darts are marked. Now, advice. Please. August 26, 2010 15:31 5 Comments

Yippee skippee! I marked the darts today. Using, natch, vintage tracing paper and wheel. I am using the actual vintage pattern, and, yes, I realize there are those who will frown at that. But. This pattern had been used before. So. Accept my justification. Please. And do note my dining room table under the protective board. It performed its duty as a work station well. Quite well, in fact.

I also marked the fold line on each dart. Is this a good thing? Or a bad one? Please advise. Because. You know I want to do it right next time. Absolutely.

(And, yes, I am still listening to Raul Malo. I found the dream that I could speak to . . . )

That Touch of Fashion: Be bubbly. Be witty. Be Doris. No? August 25, 2010 16:51 2 Comments

She can be effervescent. She can be sleek. She can be hilarious. She can be serious. But she's always engaging, whether playing an abused Ruth Doris_day_evening_dressEtting in Love Me or Leave Me or an independent modern woman like Jan Morrow in Pillow Talk. McCall's 9169, copyright 1952, illustrates her cupcake mode — strawberry buttercream piled to the stars — perfectly. Think Lullaby of Broadway. Can you resist this yummy evening gown? Say no. That is the right answer. Yes indeed.

"Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty." So said Ms. Day. So true. Though I admit to the occasional bout of complaining. I do. Really. I'm not proud of that fact. I'm not. But there ya go. Cold hard truth. And all that.

At the moment, I'm very grateful for For You by Raul Malo. (Thank you, Marticia, for playing his music today. I scrounged around my piles of CDs, and there the Malo/Mavericks CDs were.) I want to be your story. I want to be your glory. The secret that you're keeping that you can tell no other. Oh, Raul. Raul. That is so fabulous. I feel a teen-age girl swoon coming on. I do. So. Excuse me, dear readers, excuse me. I must hit replay. Absolutely.