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That Touch of Fashion: A sentimental yet strong Doris Day look. July 10, 2010 10:21 2 Comments

MCCalls-8929  "I want to wear beautiful clothes and look pretty." So said Doris Day. And is there a prettier look than this lovely scallop blouse, McCall's 8929, copyright 1952?

Doris_day_scallop It captures Her Dorisness perfectly. Spot on. Truly.  Just add the don't-mess-with-me gloves and the feminine-as-a-perfume-bottle pillbox hat, and you are there. Be sure to put Latin for Lovers on the CD when you wear this blouse for full effect. Or maybe Sentimental Journey if you're in an extremely sappy mood. You decide.

If you want to make this ensemble complete,  then you'll want to snap up McCall's 8725, copyright 1950. A bargain at $18. Can you say no? Of course not. Because you want to make me gleeful. Don't you? That's your goal in life. Right?

And, yep, these patterns are indeed available at  The Blue Gardenia. You knew that was coming, didn't you? Well, I have bills to pay. And a hubby out of work. So. Naturally, I hope you cannot live without this pattern. Tell me you can't. OK? Make my day. 

Mccall_8269_doris_skirtIn fact, make my day a very happy one, and go on a shopping spree at The Blue Gardenia. Por favor, if I may quote the beautiful, independent and kind Ms. Day.