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She cries hooray for Givenchy's VPO 2208. And how. February 2, 2012 00:47

She loves men. She does. But a long-term relationship? That, that is another story. She's been accused — more than once — of treating men like Puffs. She doesn't think that's really true. She always gives her utmost, and she's always true, always, in her fashion. Can she help it if she gets bored after a year or two? Can she? Can she help it if she loves to flirt? Well, of course, she could. But. She has no intentions of stopping. It's such fun. It is. And she's so very accomplished in that area.

Vpo_2208_detailOne thing she'll never get bored with is Vogue Paris Original 2208, designed by Givenchy. She wore it when she was mad for Isaac. She'll not forget the Valentine Ball — the dancing, the banter. Gazing into his Paul Newman blue eyes. Oh, that was such a lovely night they spent at that quaint inn by the bay. Walking, talking, as Ella singing

If a custom tailored vet
Asks me out for something wet
When the vet begins to pet, I cry hooray

floated gently on the air from some distant jukebox. She wore the evening version, which she stitched up in silk crepe. Four-ply. In a lovely pink the color of Delta Mints. Too bad they no longer make them.

And then there's the day version. She's worn it so many times. She made it in an exquisite light-weight wool knit, the color of a Chrysler Imperial rose. She has such fond memories of wearing it that weekend in Chicago with Benjamin. He will always have a special room in her heart — but he wanted more than she was willing to give. So much more. A wedding ring, you say? Darling, darling, no, she thinks not. Most emphatically.

Ahhh, the details, if you please:

Vogue Paris Original 2208 Day or Evening Dress Designed by Givenchy Bust 32½ Complete $100.

And, yes, you guessed it, this magnificent pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. And we merrily ship abroad for less than the USPS postal fees.


If you can't eliminate the negative, try this August 7, 2009 20:13 2 Comments

Ella_fitzgerald_dress OK, sweeties, this is what I did after I  blogged last night. Kendra of the Goddess of Gumbo's Sugar Hollow Diary tagged me (whatever that means — you know what a cyber Luddite I am) on my Facebook page. It proved a fun challenge. Very. It took my mind right off  the COBRA nightmare.  For a brief while. And I can tell you, dear readers, that I am ever grateful for that respite. Because I can obsess. Really.

So. If you want to try it yourself, here are the rules: Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Cleverly, I said. I insist.

You may use Ella, but you MUST use different song titles. No cheating. Try not to repeat a song title. This assignment is a lot harder than you think. Truly.

It would make me so happy — positively blissful, of course — if you share these with me. Just be sure to use the artist/band's name as the subject of your email or post, or I will rap you across the knuckles with a pica pole. Sharply.

I chose Ella. Of course. (Although I have been listening a lot this week to The First Cut Is the Deepest. Love the Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow versions. Wish Linda Ronstadt would cover it in the studio. Then hers could move into the Number One spot. You never know.)

Are your pencils sharpened? Here you go:

Are you a male or female:

Sophisticated Lady

Describe yourself:

The Lady is a Tramp

How do you feel:

I Got a Right to Sing the Blues

Describe where you currently live:

Mountain Greenery

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:

I Love Paris

Your favorite form of transportation:

A Ship without a Sail

Your best friend is:

Little Girl Blue

You and your best friends are:

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

What's the weather like:

Too Darn Hot

Favorite time of day:

In the Still of the Night

If your life was a television show, what would it be called:

I Could Write a Book

What is life to you:

Just Another Rumba

Your fear:

Fidgety Feet

What is the best advice you have to give:

Ac-cent-tchu-ate- the Positive

Thought for the day:

When You're Smiling (the Whole World Smiles with You)

How I would like to die:

Reaching for the Moon

My soul's present condition:

A Foggy Day

My motto:

Let's Face the Music and Dance

So there ya go. If you're fretting over something, try it. Better than a crossword puzzle or a cup of tea. Really.

(And, yes, I do want the dress Ella is wearing here. Luscious. Absolutely.)

When the sun comes out: Ella leads me from the darkness July 31, 2009 10:34 5 Comments

Ella_fitzgerald_singing You might have guessed this. You might. If you're a close friend. If you read this blog regularly. I love Ella. I do. Which is, I suppose, ironic, if you consider that I once sneered at her.

Once, long ago, when I was little more than a callow coed, I spent two weeks with a newspaper photographer who lived in a trailer on the border. (You don't need to know why. Really. The details are not as interesting as you might think. Truly. So let your imagination soar.) This guy was mad, mad for Ella. He followed her when he wasn't working. He shot several of her album covers. Ella was always on his stereo. Always. There was never a moment of silence. I was confused. Puzzled. Perplexed. Ella? Why? Why not Helen Humes? Alberta Hunter? Billie? Ella? Ella?  Square. That was the word for Miss Fitzgerald. Or so I thought. Then. Oh, silly, silly little blonde girl.

Now. Now, I am nearly as ardent about Ella as Tad. (Was that his name? Mmmm. I think so. Good photographer. Obviously.) When I am locked in a dark place, she unlocks the door. She reminds me not only that I can be better, but that I should be. She reminds me to reach for the stars. Because it's the right thing to do. Whether I  ever catch one or not.

So. I have been reading about Miss Fitzgerald. Namely, Ella Fitzgerald: A Biography of the First Lady of Jazz by Stuart Nicholson. Let me share these interesting tidbits about Ella:

From 1953 until the mid-70s, she was chosen as the top female vocalist by Down Beat critics poll.

Says pianist Jimmy Rowles: "She was always either singing or listening to music. . . . Music is everything."

So, dear readers, what do you think about Ella? Share. Please. I want to know. I wait, breath bated.