The Blue Gardenia

Glamorous reds. Stylish updos. It's Oscar fashion, 2011. February 27, 2011 17:48 6 Comments

Allow me to be trite, dear readers. Please. Because red snatched my heart this year. (I know. So boring, isn't it? Oh. Well.) Favorite gown tonight, by far: Jennifer Hudson's tomato red Versace. Beautiful. Sexy. Love the hair. Love the earrings. Love the bracelet. Absolutely.

Sandra redeemed herself. I know you remember that I didn't like her too young, too hippie bangs from the Golden Globes. (You do remember everything I share. Right? Of course you do. Don't you?) But this strawberry Vera Wang was sexy and beautiful. And her updo was gorgeous and age appropriate. She looked like the enticing woman she is, not the teen-ager she hasn't been for a decade or two or three.

Loved Amy Adams 1940s film noir chanteuse silhouette designed by L'Wren Scott. I'd wear  this — if I spent more time lifting weights. And isn't the Cartier necklace so very Helen Grayle? 

Cate Blanchett disappointed this year. Normally, she stuns. She does. But this Givenchy Couture looked like someone threw battle armor, throw pillows and blueberry yogurt in the blender and hit puree. Uuuuggggghhhhh.

So, ever-so-appreciated readers, what were your favorites this year? Tell. Do.

Oh. Lest I forget, a most special thank you to His Bertness, who made a delicious, spicy pork roast (recipe from Paul Prudhomme). Yumbunnies. So good. (Yes. We ate in front of the TV tonight. All the better to ogle the fashion.)