The Blue Gardenia

Let this '30s coat remind you: Happy days will be here again. October 31, 2010 12:32

1930s_coat_pattern You were returning from a coffee date with Joan when she told you the news: Her house had sold after 11 months on the market. You were happy for her. You were. And the feeling was genuine. But. Now, now you're thinking why couldn't I get a bit of good news? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Oh, you hate this. You do. Feeling sorry for yourself. You won't stand for it. Sure you've been out of work for 14 months. Long months. Endless months. Penny-pinching months. Your retirement account? History. A pleasant memory. Gone. Still, you're grateful you had it. But you will not stand for self-pity. You won't. No way.

So. You think you'll make yourself a coat. In that kelly-green wool gabardine in your fabric stash. The green will remind you not to be envious of the good luck that shines on friends. Heck. On anyone. You'll line it with that luscious cherry-print silk charmeuse you bought years ago in San Francisco. And, that, of course, will remind you that there is delicious fruit as well as rocky pits.

You'll use Simplicity 1880. It's a 1930s pattern. Better days were ahead then. And better days are ahead now. That job? It's just around the corner. You'll be in clover soon. You will. You know it. All those job applications will pay off. Soon. Absolutely.

And, yes, this gorgeous and rare pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia. It's enduring proof that hard times can be overcome. To paraphrase Lawrence Welk, there are good years, and there are bad years, and this is one of them. So. As that cute-kitty poster said: Hang in there, kid.