The Blue Gardenia

Oh, the style these patterns will add to your sewing room. September 21, 2010 19:30 4 Comments

It's that moment. You know. The one you have all, dear, oh-so-beloved readers, been waiting for. Drumroll, please. Another one. Perhaps the horns should blow as well. Yes. They should. Because this is a truly fabulous update. In fact, it's worthy of all the best superlatives. It is. A few favorites, to entice you to The Blue Gardenia:

It happens. An Ethel moment. We all have them. (Don't we?) You want to be comfortable. You want to be feminine. But you can do without Fred. Not that there's anything wrong with balding fat guys. Not a thing. They have their charms. Or so you've been told. Frankly, you're more than a bit skeptical. But. Back to your wardrobe. When you want to channel Ethel with a 1910s slant, you want Pictorial Review 6530. It's indispensable. It is. Absolutely. 

Of course, sometimes, you want to be sexy. Elevator-to-the-moon fashionable. Very Italian movie star at a 1960s cocktail party. And for those times, McCall's 5866, designed by Hannah Troy, is perfect. Perfect. So Gina Lollabrigida. So very.

And when you want to pretend you're the fashion spawn of Elvis and Joan, is there a blouse more fitting than McCall 7872, copyright 1949? Such attitude. Such a collar. Such. When you want to exude snootiness, View A is the choice. Undeniably.

Step-in combination. Step-in combination. Step-in combination undergarment. Yes, it's quaint. Yes, it's a mouthful. And so Pretty Baby whorehouse. You have those moods. Don't you? If you do, may I suggest Pictorial Review 2195? And if you don't, well, just keep your shirt buttoned and your skirt down. Such a fetching step-in combination undergarment will be your little secret. No one will ever know. Because I promise not to tell. Zipped lips. And all that.

There are so many more marvelous patterns! No hyperbole. Really. And you'll find new in  Lingerie, Accessories and all the decade categories.  Every one of them. As always, new additions go at the beginning of each category to make it easier for our loyal customers (I thank you, I do). And remember, we take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex, as well as Paypal to make it easier for you.

Now. Click. Shop. Enjoy. You work hard. You deserve it.