The Blue Gardenia

Ms. Longoria, Ms. Hargitay, go to the head of the class. August 29, 2010 18:46 5 Comments

Emmy_eva Dearest readers, I let you down. I did. I apologize. I went to see Inception this afternoon, and I missed half of the Emmy show. Will you forgive me? Please do.

Emmy_eva_earring But. Because of the wonderful web, I caught up. It took hours, of course. I clicked and I clicked and I clicked. And then I clicked some more. Ever so much more. My neck aches. Really. I worked hard.  I did. So. I'm tired. I'm sleepy. But before pulling back the covers, I'll share my judgment calls about the gowns. I will. Because I know you hang on my every word. I know you do. (And if you don't, please, keep it to yourselves. Promise?)

My favorite gown: The elegant dress designed by Robert Rodriguez for Eva Longoria. Little black dress? I don't think so. And the vintage-look earrings are perfect. Absolutely.

Emmy_mariskaI am also smitten with the Vera Wang dress worn by Mariska Hargitay. The color is sexy. Pale skin. Love it. The hip detail highlights Ms. Hargitay's womanly figure. She is, after all, Jayne Manfield's daughter.

I would wear either of these gowns. Happily. Absolutely. Of course, the checker at the Safeway might look askance at my attire. Or perhaps be fooled into thinking I lead a very glamorous life. Or I could be the best dressed female at the farmers market. Mmmmmm . . . the possibilities abound.


January Jones' Versace proved controversial in our living room. Quite. I was rather taken with the sculptural New Look shape and the rich color. Royal blue is a favorite of mine. But His Bertness found this dress hideous. If I wore this dress, though, he would say I looked beautiful. He would. And the sweet thing is that he'd most likely mean it.


And the less I say about Christina Hendricks' attire, the better. So. I'll simply say it was designed by Zac Posen, who so often excels at dressing women. And I will add that Ms. Hendricks has luscious skin. And quite a lot of it was on display. There. That's it. No more. My pillow beckons.