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#Makenine2019: Vogue 9239, a Custom Fit pattern January 18, 2019 18:09 2 Comments

I do love a Custom Fit pattern. I do. Yes. I can do an FBA. I can. But isn't it lovely when the pattern company does it for you? I say yes, and I say it loud and insistently. Whenever the majors announce new collections, the first — the very first — patterns I peruse are the ones with different cup sizes. I think all new patterns should have this option. Absolutely. Why not always offer this option? Isn't it in their best interests to make sewing as quick and easy for the sewista as possible? I think so.

And Vogue V9239 is one of my favorite cup-option designs ever. And I plan to make two views: Both B and C. Gorgeous. Totally. 

#Makenine2019: Simplicity Designer's 8103 January 7, 2019 18:41

Why, yes, I do love pockets. I do. And Simplicity Designer's 8103 has the pockets to top all pockets. These are the best. Absolutely. Add in a sweetheart neckline and three-quarter sleeves and the sum is a dress I must have in my wardrobe. This beauty, by the way, was originally released in 1949. A very good year indeed.

#Makenine2019: The Sewaholic Granville Shirt January 5, 2019 13:15 2 Comments

Can so many Instagram fans of the Granville Shirt be wrong? This sewista hopes not. This shirt is one I plan to tackle this year in my search for the perfect shirt. Absolutely.

(This brings to mind the lovely Tasia, formerly of Sewaholic. What happened to her? Sure. She sold the company. But did she have to disappear, too? Did she? We adoring fans miss her. We do.)

#Makenine2019: Butterick 9083. The perfect pencil skirt? January 3, 2019 12:09

I have a mission this year. Actually, I have several. But let's focus on one today: The Perfect Skirt. For me, the perfect skirt is slim and sleek.  As skinny as a pencil. Oh, sure. I like flared. I like full. I do. Absolutely. But not everyday. All that fabric gets in the way. Really.

So. One of my blog series this year will highlight my search for the best pencil skirt pattern. Simply acceptable will not suffice. Just pretty will not make the grade. No. Absolutely not. It. Must. Be. Perfect. 

Butterick 9083 is my first contender. It is slim. It is sleek. But its princess seaming takes it over the top. Right over. In the illustration anyway. But will the actual make live up to the drawing? That, dearly beloved readers, is something I will find out. Later. So. Keep reading. Yes. Each and every day. Promise?

#Makenine2019: Anna Allen's Persephone Pants January 1, 2019 20:51

New year. New day. New resolution to blog again? Scratch that. Just scratch it. I detest New Year's resolutions. I do. 

So with that admission, I am joining #makenine2019. (Which, for some reason, I think of as #makeminenine2019. Go figure.)


I shall call my #makenine2019 a plan. And we all know what happens with even the best laid plans. We do. Don't we? Indeed.

So, without further ado. Without further word diarrhea, here goes. Each day, I will list one pattern on my list. One. The order: alphanumeric. This is not necessarily the order I plan to make the garments.



Ahhh. You thought I only sew vintage. No. Most of the patterns on my list are indeed vintage. I love vintage. I adore vintage. I do. But I also love contemporary patterns. I don't want to be too predictable. In fact, I don't want to be predictable at all.

So. Today's pattern is the Persephone Pants pattern, design courtesy of Anna Allen. And I understand from Instagram she is brilliant. I can't wait to join the excited chorus singing her praises on IG.

There ya go. Today's blog post, the first — in, well, let's not go there, just no — done. I am back in the game. Tomorrow, a vintage pattern, a blouse designed by Daniel Hechter. An absolute favorite. Absolutely. Are you panting in anticipation to see it? I hope so. Check back. Tomorrow.

And leave a comment. Do. I beseech you. About the Persephone Pant. About #makenine2019. About your sewing plans. About how happy you are that I am blogging. Especially about that.