#Makenine2019: Vogue 9239, a Custom Fit pattern January 18, 2019 18:09 2 Comments

I do love a Custom Fit pattern. I do. Yes. I can do an FBA. I can. But isn't it lovely when the pattern company does it for you? I say yes, and I say it loud and insistently. Whenever the majors announce new collections, the first — the very first — patterns I peruse are the ones with different cup sizes. I think all new patterns should have this option. Absolutely. Why not always offer this option? Isn't it in their best interests to make sewing as quick and easy for the sewista as possible? I think so.

And Vogue V9239 is one of my favorite cup-option designs ever. And I plan to make two views: Both B and C. Gorgeous. Totally.