A box of chocolate-covered cherries and some napkins, please

So, my little blossoms. I am sure you are sitting out there, firm in your belief that I did not sew today. You think I was lazy, reclining on the chaise, reading French novels, eating trashy bon bons filled with cherries and creme. But you are wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
Sort of.
While I did not actually sew, I did have the strongest of intentions. The very strongest. I did. But. When I picked up my fabric, so very beautiful, anxiety attacked. I don?t really know how to do this. Really. I don?t.
Sure. I can figure out the casing. Sure, I know how to hem, albeit by hand. But how do I finish the side panels? This, I do not know. Do I simply press the sides and stitch? Do I topstitch? How? What? You get the picture. I?m sure.
Well. I shrank from the fabric like it was The Blob. I did. I tiptoed away ever so carefully, hoping it did not notice, hoping I did not arouse its wrath. I closed the door so gently, so quietly. Safe. At last.
All right. I exaggerate a tad. But only ever so slightly. Ever so.
So. When I ran my errands this afternoon, I picked up McCall?s M5346. The bed ensemble is too girly-girl for me ? in home décor, I lean toward the modern ? but the curtains have the simple casing at the top that I want. And I have read the instructions. Honey, I am armed, I am dangerous. I am ready to sew. Now.
One question, though. The instructions say ?sew or stitch.? Or is it ?stitch or sew?? What, I ask, is the difference? Perhaps I am not ready to sew. Perhaps I am ready to stitch. Heavens to Betsy. Help! Help. Please. Because it?s all so confusing. I am dizzy.