A new job, a new salary and a smashing new ensemble.

Such a smart frock. Such a smart frock. You aced the interview. You got the job. You got the salary you sought. And, now, it is time to report to work. You have first day jitters. A little bit. You feel a suit might give the impression you are trying too hard. But 1940s Butterick 3571, a two piece ensemble, is a winning ticket: Businesslike, elegant, sophisticated . And yet it allows your personality to show through. You're so glad you didn't give in to that lazy urge to sit in front of the TV this weekend watching Liam Neeson movies and munching on caramel corn, so happy that you stitched this up instead. And, you know it, you smarties. You can get this pattern at The Blue Gardenia, and we merrily ship abroad.