And sew to dress: Anne of Pretty Grievances

Welcome to the debut of my new series, And Sew to Dress. ( In which I hope I don't offend my favorite bloggers.) At any rate, here's the gist of it: I dress a blogger in fantasy clothes. Just the way I want to see her or him. Naturally, the patterns are available at The Blue Gardenia. (Yes. I know. I'm shameless in my attempts to keep our pups in spa food. The Blue Gardenia mascots need to be kept happy!)

Pretty?headToday, Anne of Pretty Grievances is on the rack. I'd love to see Anne in Hollywood 905. First, Anne is witty, and isn't this a perfect 1930s screwball comedienne-goes-to-lunch dress? Second, she'd look so chic walking her canine pals in this ensemble. The pooches would be strutting with pride. Yes, indeedy! I think either view would work nicely, though I prefer the green one. (But that's only because I'm not the frilly type.)

And if you haven't, do check out Pretty Grievances. Anne will have you spitting your caramel macchiato all over your computer screen because you can't stop laughing. I am not pulling your leg.