And the dust bunnies will dance at my command

Spring_clean_simplicity_3736Simplicity magazine from Spring 1961 says this is just the thing to wear for housework. This information is still sinking in. Slowly. Ever so slowly.
I am supposed to shed my comfy yoga pants and tee-shirt for this delicious frock? Really? Simplicity says ? I kid you not, it says this right here on page 167 ? ?dusting is a snap when well-protected in a lovely coat of Everglaze cotton. This yellow and white striped wraparound is easy to get into, lets you swirl quickly through all your many tasks.?
Ahhhh. That?s the problem. That is the problem. That?s why dust on our dresser is as thick as sand on the beach. That?s why dog hair gathers in clumps in the corners of the den. Oh my heck. I?m not wearing the proper attire. That?s why I hate housework ? I?m wearing the wrong thing! Darn it. I did not know. No one told me. If only I had known. If only I had known that if I slipped into this stylish house coat, I would swirl through dusting, mopping, making the bed, doing the laundry. And it would be done in a snap of my well-manicured fingers. Yes indeedy.
I?m skeptical. I am. Ever so. This looks like more work to me. This looks as if it has to be ironed. Ironed! And perhaps even starched. Oh. My. Heck. Starched. I can already see the iron clogging. My yoga pants are looking better every minute.
Now, His Bertness might like this choice. He?d probably find this quite fetching. It?s so pretty. So fresh. And it?s easy to get into. And you know what that means. Easy to get out of. Mmmmmm. So. There are benefits, I must admit, to Simplicity 3736. Yes. Indeed. But ironing? I?m resistant. Very. In fact, I get tired just thinking about it.