Come back, come back! Tell me what you think of these '40s PJs.

1940_surgery_pj_pattern Oh, wrenching pain in my heart. My stats have been tumbling. You don't love me anymore. Therefore . . . sigh . . . I have forced myself from my bed to post. Sure, it's difficult. Sure, I have to keep my wounded arm as close to my side as possible while I type. But.  . . . Sob. Sniffle. Pass the Puffs, please. . . . Where was I? Oh, yes. But. I can't lose you, my dear readers. I must try to win you back.

So, while spending this last week in His Bertness's jammies, I have spent some time thinking about what I would wear in a perfect world.  Never mind that in a perfect world I wouldn't sever my labrum. In a perfect world my shoulder would be perfect. Perfect! My labrum would be strong. Invincible.

But back to my point . . . please bear with me, beloved readers, the Percocet is causing my mind to drift here and there like a puppy on a leash for the first time . . . in that mythical perfect world, I would wear View B from Butterick 3306. The button-front design allows easy access to protect my shoulder. And the stitching is so very attractive. I think I'd like an alternate version lengthened a bit as a nightdress. 

Oh. What's that sound? It's my bed calling. And a Bernie Rhodenbarr book. So, dear readers, I'll say  ta ta for now. Don't desert me. Please. Think of me. Suffering. No yoga. No Pilates. Where are those Puffs?