Don't gag, but it was truly a moment (or three) of magic

I am a skeptical sort, truly, and I am not at all fond of things smarmy. I don?t like bows, or mary-janes, or cute sayings needlepointed and framed. I don?t want to gaze into someone?s eyes while sharing a cherry soda on a Sunday afternoon. And I absolutely loathe the word ?awesome.?
So, I am more than a tiny smidgeon embarrassed to share one of those special isn?t-the-universe-grand moments. But I shall do it anyway. Even though it makes me blush. I?ll doubtless have a shame hangover in the morning. Oh well oh well oh well. But. Here goes.
So. Deep breath. Hubby and I were driving home from a West Coast Swing class (don?t ask ? I?m sure we?ll get it one day, in this lifetime or another) and a bunny ran across the road. Yes, a bunny, so cute, and so very furry. His Bertness braked. (Yes, we do brake for bunnies and squirrels and turtles and even snakes. We would brake for grasshoppers if our vision were that good.) The bunny stopped. It stopped and hopped straight up ? gee, at least two feet, if not higher ? and I swear his little bunny feet wiggled back and forth as he levitated for one moment, two, three. Then he hit pavement and ran back across the street, the same way he came. Really. I am not kidding. I am not making this up. I am not exaggerating ? not even the slightest bit. We were awed. Completely. Totally.
So. While I wouldn't say the universe is always grand, and I most certainly wouldn't say it is awesome, sometimes, it's not so bad.