Edith Head tells us what to wear to nab a sophisticated man

Edith Head's
ever-so-fun book, How to Dress for Success, originally printed in 1967, shares not only tips on climbing the business ladder, but also tips on bagging the man your heart desires. Ms. Head lists joes by category. Isn't that fun? And decidedly vintage fem?

Head_schreiner_brooch Today, we'll take the Sophisticated Man About Town, Subtype A, the Super Sophisticate. He is all about elegance. He shuns the overdone. In fact, Mr. SMAT shuns anything that is too anything. So. Assuming you want this type,  here's what you should pull out of your closet: Somthing ladylike. Something chic. Something quietly elegant. So says Ms. Head, at any rate.

I suggest Edith Head's very own design, Advance 8946. A tiny-sleeved dress. A back-buttoned empire bolero. And, yes, this pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia. It is. But you knew that, didn't you, dear ones? Of course you did. 

The details: Bust 36. Still in factory folds. $38.

Edith_book_small And wouldn't it look lovely with a classy Schreiner brooch? Absolutely. And, yes, this is available for your wearing pleasure, too. At The Blue Gardenia. Of course.

I strongly recommend the pattern, the brooch and the book, which is amusingly retro. Even if you have a hemale  already who leaves you blessedly content ? or if you want no man at all.