Fewer seams mean fewer seams to rip out

Sewing_basics_7All right. All right. I didn?t sew today. Do not attempt to make me feel guilty. I went to the movies. So there. But I did read a bit. Sewing Basics: Creating a Stylish Wardrobe with Step-by-Step Techniques (Aw, man, that title is a mouthful! A definite stress to those of us whose typing skills may not be up to the level of Della Street. She did type, didn?t she?) by Patricia Moyes. This comes from Taunton Press, who publishes Threads, the magazine most beloved by dressmakers everywhere. And dressmaker wannabes like myself. Ms. Moyes spends some time on pattern choice, and it seems she firmly believes the beginning dressmaker should select a pattern that is loose-fitting. Simplicity 2925 http://thebluegardenia.typepad.com/the_diary_of_the_blue_gar/2008/07/and-the-winner.html fits the bill. So. A pat on the head for that. And maybe a peanut butter treat.

Now, let me ramble. A word ? or several ? about the movie. Wanted, a compromise. I wanted to see Sex and the City or the latest Indiana Jones movie. My GF wanted to see Wall-E or Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl. Neither of us really liked Wanted. Isn?t that the way with compromises? Anyway, may I get my $5, 108 minutes (plus the time spent watching all the trailers!) and Cary Grant back? Please, oh great movie goddesses and gods. And gas cost reimbursement would be peachy, too. It surely would.