For those Carole Lombard moments, say yes to Hollywood 928.

Carole_lombard_styleYou've spent the day in complete enjoyment. Lounging. A couch potato. Watching Carole Lombard movies. Eating M & M's. Was it fun? Yessiree Bob. Ever so. Yes indeedy.

Seeing Ms. Lombard slinking about in those sexy, bare evening gowns and those sleek, fashionable day frocks has you thinking: Why not you? Why not plunge into the 1930s with Hollywood 928, circa 1936? You can make the short frock for day now. It will set them back on their heels at the office. And later, if there's a Christmas soiree that calls for a formal gown, you can whip up that gorgeous version with the pleated sleeves. Grand detail that. Absolutely. 

And, of course, this pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia. It's multifunctional. Day or evening. And it is bee-yoo-tee-ful. Without a doubt. Can you say no? Don't even think of it. Don't.