Free your inner glamour goddess with sleeves the size of Paris.

You have a weakness for big sleeves. Huge. Really. You don't mean big enough to hide a chihuahua. You mean big enough to tuck your Scottie inside. And McCall 3771 gets your juices flowing. Totally. It's got stupendously full sleeves ? and a hood. How delightful is that? It adds that perfect soupcon of mystery. You love it. You do. This 1940 pattern (one that this patternphile hasn't seen before) has a hint of Joan Crawford blended with a bit of Myrna Loy. Might as well channel the great ones. Might as well. Yes indeedy.

The details: McCall 3771 Two-Piece Day or Evening Dresses Bust 38 Complete; skirt trimmed, extensions present $125.

Oh. This one is a beauty. You're salivating already. And you haven't even chosen a fabric yet.

Where to find this fabulous pattern? Why, at The Blue Gardenia, of course, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And, yes, we happily ship abroad ? either Global Priority or Express ? for less than USPS charges us. Isn't that grand? I think so.)