From frying the eggs at 6 to dinner at 8, we've got your number.

It's that time again, dear readers, that time you've been waiting for breathlessly. Yes. We've been working so hard to bring you another fabulous update. We've been counting. We've been archiving. We've been scanning. All for you. Have we made you happy? Say we have. Say all the work has been worth it. Do.

Here are just a few of the delicious patterns we've just added to The Blue Gardenia.



Anne Adams Original 4917 is your idea of a picture-perfect farmhouse apron. There you are scrambling eggs, buttering toast, frying bacon. There he is, throwing food to the chickens. Your imagination is a little fuzzy here ? you're not quite sure what chickens eat. But. Oh, well. They're chirping and squawking and doing whatever it is chickens do. Besides laying eggs, that is. It's a pleasant fantasy anyway. Let the farmer fill in the details.



Simplicity_1937Ahh, Simplicity 1937. The dress for dinner in town next Saturday night. Two wonderful views. Both so stylish. Both with such unusual details. But you will choose View 2, you think. Yes. Definitely. In 4-ply silk faille the color of the Arizona sky at midday. Blue and cloudless. You adore this pattern. So very much. The graceful drape of the jabot. The sleeves you could hide a puppy in. You will be the talk of the town. Truly. You will. You know it. 



Vogue_couturier_967You can already see yourself in Vogue Couturier Design 967, copyright 1957. Such an arresting rear view. Such a beautiful neckline. Silk shantung, you think. Fuschia. Or emerald. Maybe linen pique in . . . mmmm . . . canteloupe? Perhaps. It looks good against your skin. It does. And it's not a color you see coming and going. Oh, well. You can work out the color and fabrication later. But you know without a doubt that this is just the style for the theater. All eyes will be on you. Pity the poor actors. Do. For no one will be looking at them. No one.



You will wear Vogue Couturier Design  Vogue_couturier_valentino2204, designed by Valentino, for your annual review. It's coming up in two weeks. Ugh. You hate them. So boring. And what to wear. That is the question.   It's too hot for a suit, what with these 100-plus degree days. And a suit can be so formal, so intimidating. That's not the mood you want to strike. No. Not at all. You want to evoke confidence. Competence. Calm. Cool. All that. You can handle any deadline. Easily. The boss knows it. And so do you.

So. Hurry over to The Blue Gardenia, and shop, shop, shop. You'll find something you like.  How can you not? And now for the fine print: New additions always go at the beginning of each category. And we take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex, as well as Paypal to make it easier for you. And, of course, checks, money orders and cold hard cash. Actually, we take warm soft cash, too. We are so agreeable.