Gardenia Garments: This Spadea designer coat is runway ready.

I've always wondered how Spadea patterns make up. And now I know: Well. Very well indeed. Shirley generously shared her experience about Spadea N-1162, a Monte Sano and Pruzan design from 1962.

Description: This was originally a single-breasted coat with a buttoned belt draping across the back of the garment and three-quarter length Spadea_N_1162_monteSano sleeves. I fell in love with the beautiful collar.

Sizing: Generous. My pattern was a Medium (36 1/2 bust, 37 1/2 hip) but would fit up to at least a size larger.

Does the finished garment look like the pattern illustration?

No, because of the generous proportions, I made it double breasted and tied the belt across the front instead of buttoned at the back, but the belt could still be taken across the back by overlapping it more and using two buttons.

Did you find the instructions easy to follow?

Comparatively, they are very detailed instructions.

Was there anything you especially loved or hated about the pattern?

Loved the collar.

What fabric did you use?

I used a gabardine-weight fabric from my stash, because this was initially a trial run.

Did you make any alterations or changes?

Yes: Lengthened the sleeves with a false cuff to bracelet length. Shortened above the waist by 1 1/8," and likewise raised the belt by the same because I wanted it nearer the actual waist line.

Lengthened the belt by 2 ½" each side to enable me to tie it across the front of the coat.

Would you make another one or recommend this pattern?

Yes to both, next time in a winter weight wool fabric when I wouldn't feel the need to make it double-breasted, because it would hang differently in a heavier fabric.

Have you worn it yet? If so, is it comfortable? Dazzling? Any compliments?

It is a comfortable coat to wear, and I have worn it on three occasions so far and received three unsolicited compliments: "gorgeous," "love that coat", "where can I buy one?"

Any final words?

Depending on the fabric, I would probably reinforce the underarm seams when making it again.

I love this coat. I do. And if you'd like your very own, I am delighted to say you can buy this pattern at The Blue Gardenia.

The details: Spadea N-1162 Coat Designed by Monte Sano and Pruzan Bust 33-34 Still in factory folds Copyright 1962 $45