Gee. I can't get enough film fashion these days. Can you tell?


Ahh, period movies. The clothes so often make me cringe. They make me cry. They make me sneer. They make me whine. You know it, girls and boys.

Beyonce_etta_dress But, today, a pleasant surprise: Cadillac Records. Costume designer Johnetta Boone nailed the period. Totally. She did not strive for the lowest common denominator. She did not go for that generic Monkey Ward look that mars Mad Men, that had me grinding my teeth as I watched Far From Heaven. Ms. Boone reached for the stars, and she caught a handful.

The clothes are fabulous. Sexy. Beautiful. Authentic. Of the time. And yet, classic. Gorgeous. For the ages.

Cadillac_records_fashion And Beyonce, as songstress Etta James, has never looked better. Sorry, Weight Watchers. Ms. Knowles is a luscious advertisement for packing on twenty pounds. And for wearing a curly blonde wig. Not to mention feline eyeliner. (Alas, I have never once skillfully applied frisky kitty liner. Mine always looks more like the work of a rogue kindergartner left alone with fingerpaint.)

And what is it about Adrien Brody? So irresistible on the big screen, even when his character is a wee bit sleazy, yet so skinny, so limp on the small screen.