Hep me. Hep me. Hep me. Hep me. Puhleeze.

Vogue_patternsOK. Today?s post is short. You decide if it?s sweet. Last night, I read ?Measuring Up: What?s Your Correct Pattern Size? in the August/September Vogue Patterns magazine. Writer Kathryn Brenne says that one should choose one?s pattern by chest size rather than bust size. Chest being the circumference right under one?s arms, just in case you didn't know (but I bet you did!). She says one should make a full cup adjustment to a smaller sized pattern if one is, shall I say, bosomy. (Most patterns are made for B-cup femmes, as you, learned readers, doubtless know.) She writes with authority, and as a novice, I tend to believe she knows of what she writes. What do you think? Let me know. Please. I want to cut out my pattern. But I want to follow the proper cutting line. Naturally. Know why? Because I'm a good girl. A good girl who wants to look good. And there ya go.