I did it. I stitched. I sewed. I did. Absolutely.

Henrypillow I did it. I know. You doubted me. You thought I was all talk. Didn't you? Go on. Admit it. I forgive you.

So. Blog reader Puffsgirl, who lives right here in  Arizona's Christmas city, agreed to teach me to sew. As long as I did it her way. Which means, in plain English, starting at the beginning. The very. With a pillow. A square pillow. So boring. But this control freak knows that sometimes, to get what you want, to get where you want to go, you must acquiesce. You must give in. You must suffer. A little. Sniff. 

Henry Jones was quite pleased with my first Puffsgirl assignment. He quickly tested it and pronounced it quite comfy. Truly.

And, now, without further ado, the pillow. (Oh, all right. I asserted my individuality and made a rectangle pillow. So there.)