I popped the corn early. Then claimed the couch.


I confess: I was a sofa sloth tonight. Why? Because I am a pushover for awards shows. It's true. Love the glam. Love the gowns. Love that red carpet stroll. So there.

One of my favorite dresses: Drew Barrymore's. However. Am I the only one who thought there was a disconnection between her Angie Dickenson as Pepper hair and her Jayne Mansfield dress? Not to mention her everything-in-the-Walmart cosmetics aisles makeup. Still. She looks like a girl who's having fun. Lots of it.


And then there is Ms. Longoria. Oh, Eva. Eva, Eva, Eva. You're a gal who has it going on. So why, why, why wear a dress cut so perilously low? The dress was gorgeous. Love the scallop detail. Totally. But why not have the bodice a half-inch or so higher? You do not have to try so hard. You don't. Trust me.

But. On a brighter note. A positive note. A happy, happy, joy, joy note.  If I could have one look of the evening ? just one, only one ? I'd grab Marisa Tomei's. In a heartbeat. Love it. Love it. Absolutely.  From the tiered sleeves ? wedding cake, anyone, the buttercream is worth every calorie ? to the necklaces to the belt, perfection. Completely.