I will contain my gratitude no longer. I won't. I won't. I won't.

Simplicity_3383_apron I am taking a moment from teaching His Bertness to make chili to issue a most heartfelt thank you to a few folks. I am. So, listen up.

First up: Carolyn Norman, whose blog Dairy of a Sewing Fanatic has long been a favorite. Thank you so very much, Carolyn, for the post about The Blue Gardenia. It has brought so many new customers, and I hope all will join our roster of regulars.

Ditto to Gretchen, of Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. Her blog is a new addiction, and for all of you out there: I want that book! I do. I do. I do. Namely Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing.

And I am also ever so pleased and grateful that Oliver + S listed The Blue Gardenia as something that should always be hanging above everyone's sewing machine. Wow! Thank you! That makes me so very happy. Yes indeedy.

Further, while this attitude of gratitude is swelling to bursting point, I'd like to thank Vicki at Yavapai Regional Medical Center, who went above and beyond to handle an insurance issue for me. Unasked. She volunteered! This week. A holiday week.

And I'd also like to thank my parents and my in-laws for being there this year. And His Bertness for learning to cook because sometimes I am just too tired to whip up tasty vittles. Love that cheerful, willing attitude, honey bunch. Yes, I do.

So. There ya go. Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU! (Yes, my voice is  raised in appreciation.)

And just so I'll have art, how about gear for cooking chili? Simplicity 3382, Bust 42, copyright 1950, $33 at The Blue Gardenia, will have you looking as good as the chili will taste.

Oh, and thank you, Michael Buble, for covering Baby (You've Got What It Takes). Still like the Brook and Dinah version best, but your cover with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings is not shabby. Not at all.

Gee. I feel like I should be standing behind a microphone, clad in a tight, shimmery evening gown. Vintage, of course.

So. Happy 2010, everyone. I hope it's your very best ever. Ever. Absolutely. (Until 2011 anyway.)