I'm back. As Elvis and Chris Isaak say "It's Now or Never."


I've rediscovered a truth about blogging for me. If I take a break, it's easy to procrastinate about starting again. So easy. Very.

I find there are so many things to do: painting my nails, rearranging magazines, making nearly every red velvet brownie recipe on Pinterest and not being pleased with any of them, watching crappy made for TV movies like Liz & Dick. That was the name of that Lifetime movie in which Lindsay Lohan was so miscast? Only Teresa Russell saved it for me.

Anyway, I plan to get back to the daily grind soon. Very, very soon. I have some fascinating interviews for you. And some clothes I've made. With my very own hands. Surprised?

I am. For now, enjoy this Chris Isaak version of It's Now or Never. It reminds me of Marticia, who used to play the Elvis version on Friday nights at the Prescott ballroom dances. I swear she did it just to watch us trip all over each other as we attempted to speed rhumba. She probably still chuckles at the thought!