Inspirations: Do I hear Laurence Harvey calling my name?

Vogue Special Design S-4544, circa 1950s
P50lg3248Now, this, this is a dress for dancing. The godets ? four of them, four, four, four! ? will make this skirt float across the dance floor like a downy feather in a balmy wind. And what a graceful neckline ? provocative but in a ladylike way ? wives and girlfriends won?t be knotted with anger because it's too low. It?s very Liz, but more Father of the Bride than Butterfield 8 (which is perhaps my favorite Liz movie, but that, as the ubiquitous they says, is neither here nor there). And, of course, the fact that this exquisite frock is sleeveless will make it very cool, very comfortable on those nights when Carter doesn?t turn the AC down, despite my courteous pleas. Oh, yes, I do love this dress. I do. I see it before me, calling, beckoning, urging me onward. Sew. Stitch. Or, as the athletic shoe company says, just do it!

Do I have fear of sewing? Or is it fear of failure? Mmmmmm. What do you think?