Inspirations: It's timeless. It's classic. It's retro.

50s_pattern_mccall_9633 You are old-fashioned. You bake your own cherry pie. Your own whole-wheat bread. And a Cinnabon cinnamon roll? Never! They simply can't compare with the ones that you bake with your own hands.

You are a 1950s woman. All the way. You're modest. Chaste. More Doris Day than Marilyn Monroe. No sex kitten you. No games. 

Of course you sew your own clothes. Because today's styles are not to your taste. And the quality of today's ready-to-wear isn't up to your standards anyway. You like the perfect stitch your Featherweight makes. You like the beauty of a Hong Kong finish on the seams of your garments. Bound buttonholes. Hand-picked zippers. 

You're more Emilie Loring than Dawn Powell. And you'll take Jane Austen over Joan Didion any day of the week. You won't find Play It As It Lays on your bookshelves.

McCall's 9633, copyright 1953, is your dress. It is pretty. Graceful. Delicate. Delightful. Could anything be more right for the county fair? Well, your award-winning fig preserves. But that's another story . . . one that should be served with fresh-from-the-oven biscuits.