Inspirations: Sometimes, you cannot refuse the night

Vogue_special_design_s4408Vogue Special Design S-4408

This is one of those nights. A night where you say hang it all. You want to hear the blues. Jimmie Vaughan. Jonny Lang. Koko Taylor. You don?t want to stay home. You want to go out. Your house cannot contain you. You want to go to a club. You want to go to a club, and you want to look luscious. Sublime. So hot that an August night in Houston seems as frigid as a January night in Minneapolis by comparison. You want every male in the room to look as you walk by on your stuff?s arm. Admit it. Don?t lie to yourself. You have those nights. You know you do.
And this is the dress for those nights. Custom tailored. Perfect. Sexy but not indecent. The camisole touch both conceals and invites. The skirt hugs: It reveals the sway of your voluptuous hips. But the pleats at the back allow motion. You could make them a tad higher or use a fabric with stretch for more movement. You could. You know your style on the dance floor. You know your mood. Sometimes you just want to undulate in your man?s arms. Sometimes.
But. Whatever. Your dancing style isn?t important. What?s important is you. Him. Your power. In this dress, he will be in thrall. In thrall. To you. To your spell. Absolutely.
So. Slip into this. Sashay through the club. Rock in his arms. Back. Forth. Kick down all those doors. Blow out all those windows. Set yourself free. Do it. Tonight.