Inspirations: Tasty hot pockets and not a calorie in sight

Very Easy Vogue 8564
VevvpocketsNow. I know. All you sophisticated, ever-so-skilled dressmakers who inhabit cyberspace are confused. You're very puzzled. You simply do not get this one. You don?t. It?s a Very Easy Vogue, for goodness sake, you are doubtless thinking. It?s not a detailed, haute couture suit. This is not Karl Lagerfeld or Paquin. Heck, it?s not even Diane Von Furstenberg. And it certainly isn?t a glamorous Charles James ball gown to wear while skimming across the dance floor. It?s a day dress, and a rather simple one at that. But look at those pockets. Love ?em. Love ?em. I do. I do. I do. There is something about a pocket. You can slip a lipstick in it. Or a driver?s license, an Andy Jackson, and leave your purse at home. You can put your hand in it. And what a comfy, secure feeling that provides. So cozy, like a night spent reading by the fire with a big mug of hot chocolate. And then there are the dolman sleeves. So unsuitable for dancing, But so cool otherwise. I feel that summer breeze even as I write. And there's the snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug sensation you get when you wear wear hubby?s old shirt. You know? The one that?s way too big. Oh, dolman sleeves, be my valentine. Yet, this dress is smart. It would class up any luncheon. You could, in a pinch, even wear it out to dinner. You could lengthen the dress ? to the floor, of course ? and wear it as a hostess gown. Yep, I love this pattern. Multi-purpose. Very. I ? that?s right, your ears did not trick you ? I will be making this one. One day. Maybe soon. Maybe this year. Yes. Maybe even this year. In 2008. You heard me. Hold me to it. You have my permission.