Inspirations: You'll find the love you missed in this dress

Vogue Couturier Design 2164, circa 1960s

You parted anything but cute. Be truthful. Be blunt. Don't lie to yourself. It ended ugly. With his mother?s Wedgwood Bramble Pink china in shards on his maple floor. Sure, you only broke five place settings. Sure, you replaced them all. Still, it?s not the same. They aren?t the place settings he ate on for special occasions as a child. Birthdays. Easter. Thanksgiving. Christmas. They aren?t the same plates and cups and saucers and bowls she got as a young and hopeful bride.
Still. You were the one who walked out. You were the one who refused to take his calls. Who sent his cards back marked ?Return to Sender.? You were the one who tossed his calla lilies (your favorites) in the trash. All because he talked to her, his ex, at a party. Darn him. Darn him. Still. You want him. You want him now. You were so jealous. Out of control. Darn your insecurities. Darn them. Darn. Darn. Darn. He tried to get you back. For months. Months. And then . . . he didn?t.
And you. Silly you. You did not know what it was all about. You didn't. Now. Now, you do.
Will this dress work? Will this dress get him back? You want him to come to you. You don?t want to go to him. You need to know he still cares. Cares enough to walk across the lawn at a mutual friend?s wedding and say hello. Hello. I love you. I want you. I cannot take another breath without you. Without true love we just exist. Really. Truly. Come back.
Yes, this is the dress. It requests attention. It does not plead. It does not beg. It?s smart. It has class. In spades. You?ll look beautiful in it. Beautiful but haughty. Haughty but sexy. This Forquet will work. It will. It must.