It's my dress. My future dress. (And my hairstyle, too.)

Reese_witherspoon_sari_guer Today, while thumbing through Us Weekly (a guilty pleasure that I relish with all the joy of those gooey, sticky, syrupy, cheap Brach's chocolate-covered cherries that were a tradition every Christmas of my childhood . . . yum . . . yum-squared ? I?ve probably mentioned these before because I love ?em) what did I see but a pic of lovely Reese Witherspoon wearing a dress that?s so very  similar to my first project, Simplicity 2925. The neck and shoulder detail looks the same, with the addition of a bow. (This embellishment may be overkill. But. You know how I feel about bows. They are not for me. Too girly. Too. Too. Too. You know it. But if they are your cup of tea, drink up. I won't judge you. I promise.) The silhouette, too, looks the same. Love this dress. Totally. Still. Even after all these weeks. (Or is it months? Don?t remind me. I know I am a Gold Medal procrastinator. You do not have to tell me.) I am inspired anew. Really. I am. Completely.

I did move toward sewing today. I did. I took time from counting pattern pieces in prep for the next Blue Gardenia update to buy an iron. (And groceries. Love to eat. I do. My hips proudly testify to this fact.)


So. The model at my friendly Costco was a Rowenta Professional. I know several of you, my dear and beloved readers, have said this is a good brand. Obviously, this is proof that you have earned my trust. And. I trust that Costco made the right choice when they selected this model. Sort of. Kind of. Sort of. Kind of. You get the picture.