Learning to sew: A just-out-of-print Badgley Mischka.

bellville Can you say wadder? This dress would have been one for me, if it had not been for my fabulous sewing teacher. The pattern is Vogue 1256, designed by Badgley Mischka. So many problems! Absolutely. Before cutting the fabric, a bamboo jersey, we added about an inch to the bodice. The pattern is quite short-waisted. Leslie made one with me for herself, and she is petite with a short waist, and she had to lengthen the bodice as well. (How's that for a whiny run-on sentence? Don't tell Mrs. Geneva, wherever she is!) Further, the skirt is very short. I did not add the zipper the pattern uses, because there was no need: even with lining, it easily slips over the head. I have not worn the dress yet. I will. Eventually. His Bertness really likes it. Go figure.