Learning to sew: I made this knit top, and I even wear it!


I've been promising you pictures, dear readers. I have. I wish I had a camera that allowed use of a remote shutter so that I could take my own pictures. But, alas . . . Hubby lacks the patience or interest or both to Simplicity_1849 take more than a few shots, and since I'm not J-Law, well, I need more than three or four to choose from.

Oh, well. Enough whining about His Bertness. He has many virtues. On to the matter at hand . . .

This is the first knit I have sewn. It's a rayon jersey. Although I've gotten many compliments on the top, I don't think I would make it again. Of course, you never know.

Once Leslie, sewing goddess supreme, showed me how to put it together, it was a breeze to make.

I have quite a few more garments to show you, and I'm beginning to have a bit of confidence at the needle. But I am loathe to share such  fuzzy, dark pictures.

I know. Take advantage of our sale so that I can buy a new camera! Isn't that a great idea? Am I shameless? Anyway, here's the scoop:

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