Learning to sew: Last night, I cut my hair with pinking shears . . .


Well, to be more specific, my bangs. They grow so fast. Sleeve_binding2
Today I sewed. I finished my sleeves, in fact. Perfect? Oh my. No way. But. They are done. Perhaps I am being too easy on myself, too willing to wear rose-colored specs. But. I think they look OK. In fact, I think they look rather pretty. Better than many off-the-rack sleeves. Much. (I am such a fan of myself!) I somehow stretched some of the bias tape, so, alas, the joinings do not match exactly. Pass those Puffs, please.


You know, dear readers, I really like hand-sewing. The feel. The look. Any recommendations for good explanatory books about the types of stitches? Because I know so little about it. And I'd really like to learn.

Also, be peaches and share advice about my sleeves. What should I do to make my next sleeves look better?