Learning to sew: The Asian skirt, part 2.

I am here to share, boys and girls, both good and bad news about my skirt-in-progress. The good news is that I am actually working on it. I am. Truly. A  gold star for this little dressmaker-to-be. There is actually more good news. But. That will come later. Be patient. Please.


Now. My assignment from sewing dominatrix Marticia was to stitch up the seams, then finish them by pinking and zig-zagging. (Or is it zigging-zagging? Mmmmm . . . .) At any rate, she was absolutely right in her seam-finish assignment because my fabric ravels. Make that RAVELS. All-caps. However. There was a slight problem. It seems that the line on my machine that I thought was the 5/8" line was the 1/2. So, dear learners, note this: If your machine plate is unmarked, TAPE THE 5/8" LINE. This bears repeating: TAPE THE 5/8" LINE. So. There was no room for both pinking and zigging and zagging. I could do one. I could do the other. I could not do both. And I dared not rip the seam out because my fabric frays so. 


I think the seams look quite professional from the outside. The Asian figures match nicely. Don't you agree, dear readers? And the skirt sits slightly below the waist, so if it's a wee bit big because of the seam size snafu, who is to notice? Really. It shall be our little secret. So. Put that in the vault. Toss the key. Promise?


And forgive my immodesty, but I think the dart does not reveal that this skirt is made at home by a novice. I'm pleased. Really. A bow to Marticia. Or a curtsey. Whichever you prefer. I thank you.