Learning to sew: The perils of pinking, the horrors of hem tape

So. Dear readers, indulge my love of alliteration once more. I've had a bad day in the sewing room. 

First, I pinked the hemline of my skirt. You may recall that the fabric I am working with on the Asian skirt ravels. Prolifically. I had already zig-zag stitched the edge, but I was not pleased. I felt more needed to be done to prevent the abundant fraying. So I decided to pink. Now. I've had these pinking shears for many years. They have resided unloved and unused in a drawer of my sewing machine cabinet since I brought them home from Jo Ann's. Boy oh boy. Were they cranky? In a word, yes. They did not cut fluidly. It was a battle to use them. Rather like using my pruning shears when they're loaded with gunk. Is this normal? There's no rust. They look brand new. But. 

Next, I applied the hem tape. Now. One would think the tape would come with instructions. One would think. But. No. I went to sewing books looking for instructions. I found none. None! I was distraught. I was determined. I called a friend. She went to her handy sewing manual. Nothing. No tips. No advice. So. I forged onward. I decided to take matters into my own unskilled hands and sew the tape on to the best of my abilities. Well, let me say, it looks awful. Unprofessional. See the puckers? Another project for the ash can. What's a woman to do? Eat chocolate. Of course. It helps. Absolutely.

So. I ate dark chocolate. Yum. Reinforced, I ironed. It still does not look right. It doesn't. Help! Help. Please. What did I do wrong? Please. I beseech you. Share your experience and knowledge. You can see the complete skirt tape below. I thank you in advance, dearest readers. I want to finish this tomorrow. I do.