Ms. Emma the Malamute is a snow bunny. Absolutely.

The East Coast had its blizzard. And we had a winter storm. Very cold. Lots of snow. Definitely snuggling weather. Down coat weather. Or if you are a Malamute, perfect weather. None better. Yes indeedy.

A slight smile, I think. Ms. Emma enjoyed the great outdoors while Bert shoveled a path for dinner guests who braved the storm. (And did not get pecan pie for their efforts. Alas. We can be such lazy hosts. Oh so. But they did get gumbo, which was excellent. His Bertness cooked up a very tasty pot of it. Chicken. Andouille. A nearly black roux. Yum bunnies. And did I mention cornbread?)

A moment of sadness, I think, for her beloved brother, Henry Jones. She misses him. Terribly. As do we all. But we were so very blessed to have him for 9 years and 7 months. So very. We love him so.