Now, this is the kind of pink slip I like.

30s_vogue_slip_pink_slip Ahhh. So.

As you, my dear readers, know, a pink slip was recently delivered to our lovely abode. I didn't like it. In fact ? and on this issue I am emphatic ? I didn't like it one little bit.

But this pink slip is a different matter. Entirely. It is ever so lovely. Ever so slinky. Ever so sexy. It's from the 1930s, so, of course, it is cut on the bias. It will caress every curve. Lovingly. 

I see it in a four-ply silk crepe. A deeper pink, with perhaps just a smidgen of salmon. Can you resist it? Just say no. That is the correct answer. The object ? or objects ? of your affection will thank you. Passionately.