Now, this is the kind of swing-era dress you like. And how.

Mccall_5143_swing_shift_dress You're in the mood to celebrate the new year. The new day. The new feeling of happiness. Abundance. Confidence. All the fabulous things that await you in 2011. And is there any better dress to illustrate your mood of optimism than McCall 5143, copyright 1943? Perfect for the office. It has an aura of competence. And it's snazzy enough for Sunday brunch, too. Perhaps in emerald green with a yoke the color of a Queen Elizabeth rose. Version B. Of course. You simply can't say no to three-quarter length sleeves. Maybe wool crepe. It's so beautiful and sews up so easily as well. Yes indeedy. 

2010 is over. History. You learned a lot of lessons. You did. But it's time to march ahead. To embrace the new. Maybe even to skip. Yes. Skip! Be happy. Darn it. Ditch the blues. Do. Absolutely.

And, yes, this smart pattern can be yours. And for a mere $33. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia. Don't delay.

(And, yes, readers dear, that terrific giveaway I promised way back when is coming soon. Very. This week, in fact.)